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Writer's Block: Wishing Well

What world from a video game would you most like to live in? What draws you to this fictional universe?

Maybe Animal Crossing, as it's pretty peaceful there. The only real danger comes from shaking trees with beehives in them. And while having anthropomorphic animals as neighbors might be freaky at first, I guess I could get used to it. I also quite like the aesthetics of the Mushroom Kingdom from Super Mario Bros., but don't so much relish the idea of having to jump over a bunch of turtles every time I went to the store for orange juice.

Speaking of the Mushroom Kingdom, I found the most recent Captain SNES strip interesting in light of my own speculation about the relationship of Goombas to Toads. I also have to give props to the comic's author for his ability to turn simple gags into significant plot points. Braveshroom appeared as a joke back in this comic from almost ten years ago, and is still around.
Tags: animal crossing, comics, mario, video games, writer's block
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