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Writer's Block: Historical Romantic Mystery Thriller

What genre of books are you most drawn to? Do you stick mostly to one type of book with your reading, or do you like to mix it up?

I'd say mostly fantasy, but not so much the sword-and-sorcery variety, although that's okay on occasion. A lot of what I read might be classed as either comic fantasy or children's or young adult fantasy. Mind you, for me, Oz is pretty much a genre in and of itself.

Speaking of fantasy, I wrote a post on Gandalf today, which addresses some of the pros and cons of Tolkien, at least in my own mind. I'm not as much into Lord of the Rings as many of my fellow fantasy fans are, but I did enjoy both the books and the movies. There are quite a few nerdy things on which I can converse at a certain level, but I'm hardly an expert. One idea I had for a post is a comparison between the Houyhnhnms from Gulliver's Travels and the Vulcans, but I don't know that I'm enough of a Trekkie (or is that Trekker?) to really pull it off. Maybe I'll try it someday anyway; I'm sure there's enough information on Vulcans available online to supplement what I already know.

I've been working on adding the cast of Chris Dulabone's A Viking in Oz to my list of apocryphal Oz characters. I'm pretty sure I included them before years ago, but that version must have gotten lost somehow. It's a short book, so it's not a big deal. Anyway, I'd like to get someone to look over my list, but it's really sloppy in its current format. That's not something I care a whole lot about, but other people might. Maybe I should post a sample and see if anyone has format suggestions. I don't know. Would anyone care to look this over?
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