Nathan (vovat) wrote,

None Like It Hot

It's strange how non-motivating having a lot of free time really is. It's basically what I longed for when I was working, but it's not all it's cracked up to be. I can use the heat as an excuse for not getting anything done, but that only goes so far. It is pretty bad, though, especially living in the upstairs part of a house as we do. And when I say I'm not accomplishing much, that counts things I'm doing just for fun. So what have I been doing? Aside from sweating, I've done some reading and played some video games. I'm still playing Sims 3, although I'm thinking I could use another expansion pack. Unfortunately, those cost money. So do the new Oz books put out by Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends. There was recently a Royal Podcast of Oz with Chris Dulabone, founder of the publishing house, which was pretty interesting. While the quality of the books they release varies, I appreciate Chris's desire to put out Oz books by many different hands. I can also identify with his desire for at least a basic continuity between them. And hey, I liked Bucketheads in Oz, although I agree that the sheer number of characters means some get pushed into the background.

On Wednesday, bethje and I celebrated Independence Day by going with some friends to an Indian restaurant. Makes sense, right? I will mention that, even though I asked for mild food, what I had was still a little too much on the hot side for me. I'm not really that familiar with Indian food as a whole, but I do like naan. Maybe next time I should just get a lot of that. {g} After dinner, Beth and I took a train to Hoboken to see the fireworks, but ended up not having a very good view. Oh, well. By the way, the Fourth was also the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll first telling the story that would become Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Last night, I finally got around to watching the newest Futurama episode, "The Thief of Baghead." In this one, Bender becomes a paparazzo, which is something Homer Simpson has also done before. That said, while that part of the premise might have been totally non-futuristic, the stuff with Langdon Cobb definitely was. I've found that the weaker episodes of the show are the ones that don't really use the science fiction theme in their plots, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks that, so the plot device of Cobb being a quantum lichen was appreciated. Also to the episode's credit, Bender being the last person to still use film and Cobb's fungal guard dog became significant later on. For what it's worth, I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Calculon. If nothing else, I suppose he can load his brain into another body. So yeah, a pretty good episode.
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