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Come on, where's your heart, man?

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Hey! It's the Off-Topic List Clique!

Anyway, I downloaded Frank Black's Show Me Your Tears outtakes, which are iTunes Exclusives. Of the four, "Preacher's Daughter" is my favorite. I especially like the chorus, and its use of steel guitar. "Don't Clip Your Wings" is pretty good, too. I'm guessing the mention of Cleopatra has something to do with Frank's ex-wife, since I think he's said something about her being Cleopatra in another life. I'm not so thrilled by "A Dab'll Do Ya," but maybe it'll grow on me, as Frank's songs are wont to do. "Show Me Your Tears" is, well, average, I guess. Average Frank is still pretty darned good, though. I like the keyboards on the song. I guess I can see why it was cut from the album, although it's amusing that they still kept that as the album title when the song wasn't on it. I know that's not the first case of that happening, though.

By the way, does anyone else find those questions that you're supposed to answer in case you forget your password to be kind of annoying?

I think I'll make some spaghetti shortly.
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