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Having a Tacky Weekend

On Saturday, bethje and I stopped by the Hamilton Mall on our way to Atlantic City, and man, that place was dead. I have to wonder if malls in general aren't the cool hangout spots they were back in my childhood, but this one was hit particularly hard. They DID have plenty of shoe stores and places you could buy fancy dresses for your three-year-old, though. That used to be one of the few malls around that had a pet store, and now it's been replaced with one of those little kid dress shops, which probably means the lingering odor of dog poop remains in those dresses. Seriously, I'm glad the pet store closed down because keeping puppies in cages with wire on the bottom is cruel, yet it was still the most fun store to visit there. One fairly new store that was actually pretty cool was one that sold old video games and comics. I kind of feel I should have bought something since I want them to stay in business, but I already have a bunch of video games I haven't played. While I didn't catch this exchange, Beth says she heard a woman make a patronizing comment to her boyfriend, something like, "I'm happy that you're happy." Way to fulfill gender stereotypes, lady! Fortunately, earlier that same day I saw a little girl reading an Avengers comic in a doctor's office waiting room, so that kind of balances things out. I've never been a comic reader, or at least not much of one, but I'm a comic-readers' ally. Speaking of which, we watched the 2008 Iron Man movie last night, and I agree with Beth that it was a little overly long and slow-paced, but I still liked it. I remember reading that Stan Lee wanted Iron Man, a rich weapons developer with a cocky attitude, to be someone all the hippie comics fans of the time would want to hate but couldn't help but like. I remember a Sunday morning cartoon that was split between Iron Man and the Fantastic Four, and I generally liked the latter's stories better. I feel that this would also be a good time to plug SamuraiFrog's ongoing reviews of Marvel Comics from the 1960s.

In Atlantic City, we didn't do any gambling (we generally don't; it's more about walking on the Boardwalk for Beth, and it's not like we have that much money to spare), but we did check out a few of the arcades. The new thing now seems to be claw machines that only have, like, four things in them, but they're expensive things like iPods and jewelry. Do you think anyone has ever actually won at one of these? We both tried out a Wizard of Oz game that involved firing quarters at other quarters in an attempt to knock them off a ledge, but neither of us got anywhere at it.

We did see some other guy who was racking up the points on it, but who knows how much money he put in? Those games are misleading anyway, because you can't keep any of those quarters you knock down. Instead, you just get tickets you can exchange for crappy prizes. Like, if you get 15,000 of them, you can get this smiling piece of pizza.

I think it's smiling because it knows I don't like olives or peppers, and hence it won't meet its death at my mouth. Other prizes on display included a blender and a Cuisinart. I can just imagine someone saying, "We need some new kitchen appliances. Let's hit the arcade!" And here's a prize at another midway that puzzled me:

Where the heck is Pooh's nose? Did he have to have it amputated after too many bee stings?

Speaking of tacky things, the first of "Weird Al" Yankovic's videos for his new album came out today, and it's a parody of Pharrell's "Happy" (the song that it's apparently illegal for Iranians to dance to) called..."Tacky." LiveJournal apparently won't let me embed videos, so here's the link. Margaret Cho, Kristen Schaal, and Jack Black all make appearances in it. By the way, looking at the list of stuff that Al is parodying, another parody target and a song in the polka medley both feature Pharrell. He must be cleaning up with the royalties from Weird Al.
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