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Kitties in the City

Last night, after eating at one of the few diners in the area that's always open, we walked around a nearby golf course and park. At one point, we heard what I thought was a bird, but Beth thought was a cat. It turned out she was right, or at least one-quarter right, because there were four little kittens. Three of them came right up to us, while the fourth stood back and meowed. We think it might have had some trouble walking. We couldn't tell how old they were, but their eyes were open and they had little teeth. There was no sign anywhere of a mother cat, but the kittens were clean and friendly. We contacted a few people we knew and tried calling Animal Control, but they were apparently closed after 8 PM. So we ended up taking all four of them home and letting them stay in the bathtub.

You're never supposed to let strange cats make contact with your own pets, because they could get sick. Wally and Reagan were at first really curious to know what was happening in the bathroom, but they soon lost interest. The kittens were so cute, and part of me wanted to keep them, although that wouldn't have been practical. Beth says she probably would have kept a single kitten, but not four. We weren't sure what they'd eat, so we tried some canned food, but they mostly ignored it aside from walking in it. They did drink water, however. We considered getting kitten food, but didn't know anywhere open that time of night that sold it, and it would have been a waste if they hadn't been ready to eat it. Even if they had, there probably would have been a lot left over. So, after some research on Beth's part, we took them this morning on the subway in one of the cat carriers to a place in East Harlem, where a lady told us they'd take care of the kittens and try to find them a home. She did mention that euthanasia was a possibility, but probably only if they were terminally ill, and they really didn't appear to be. I have to suspect there won't be any trouble finding people who will adopt adorable little kittens, especially ones that already like people. When we dropped them off, we got papers with contact information, but they said the agency couldn't divulge what actually happened to them. So what WILL they tell us? I guess we'll find out later.

I had some weird dreams last night that I don't think involved kittens, but did relate to museums, amusement parks, and apocalypses. I can recall having a few dreams about the end of the world or other cataclysmic events, except little to nothing terrifying actually happens in them. I recall one time after I was looking at the book of Revelation, I had one where I knew the world was ending just because it was raining hard, and my family hid in the garage. Another recurring sort of dream I had last night was of running into people who were trying to hold us at gunpoint, but for some reason weren't all that difficult to escape. I seem to recall an earlier dream where someone shot me, but I just immediately woke up in a different dream. Another one last night, however, was disturbingly close to life. I made an insensitive comment in a tragic situation, and everybody got mad at me. That's actually happened before, although not so much recently. I still THINK of inappropriate jokes all the time, though. It's not that I don't care, just that my mind is constantly thinking of weird associations even when I'm really upset. It probably has something to do with autism.
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