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Old School

Since I know you were just dying for an update, I'll mention that I'm still working my temporary data verification job, and I went to a job pool on Thursday. This is something New York does with city jobs, where they get several eligible candidates together and interview them one at a time. Sometimes they'll hire somebody, and sometimes not. From what I heard, they were looking to hire two people from this pool, but only chose one. I didn't think I had much of a chance anyway as I don't have much relevant experience for a paralegal position. Officially, though, education will usually substitute for experience when applying for these jobs, even if the education isn't in anything related to the job.

Beth had wanted to do something Halloween-related this past weekend, and our original plan was to go to an event in Mullica Hill. (I should warn you that the site auto-plays music, because apparently a kid from the mid-nineties made it.) The problem with that one is that you have to pay for everything even if you don't want to do all of it. They were supposed to have coupons for the opening weekend at their website, but I wasn't able to get them to load. They also said Wawa had coupons, but the two Wawas I tried told me they hadn't gotten any in yet. So instead we went to the one in Glen Mills, although we only took the hayride. It drizzled on and off while we were there, and the ground was really muddy. One thing I tend to find fascinating about haunted rides in general, whether Halloween hayrides or ones at amusement parks, is how they tend to be all over the place. Like, you'll go through a hillbilly-themed area, then next there will be dinosaurs.

The hayride wasn't too far from where my mom lives, but she wasn't around. We did visit my old hometown while in the area, though. I remember seeing a news story earlier this year about Donald Trump remarking on how all the industry had left the area. Obviously he was jerky about it, but it's basically true, as both the smelly paper mill in the middle of town and the Pepperidge Farm factory closed down years ago. The old site of the latter is now the location of a brewery and restaurant. We went by my old elementary school, which when I was a kid had two connected buildings, one of stone and one of brick. The stone one is now long gone.

Although it was dark, it looked like the playground that people from the neighborhood helped build is gone as well. Mind you, that was after I was no longer a student there. When I was in elementary school, all the playgrounds had Big Toys.

I had a dream that night not about elementary school (and yes, I still have such dreams fairly often), but about college. A lot of my school dreams include my realizing that it doesn't make any sense for me to be there, and then often coming up with some kind of weird explanation. While high school dreams are just irritating, the college ones tend to be more nostalgic. I liked college for the most part, although there were some really frustrating aspects to it. When I look back, I think I went through school with the attitude that teachers were...well, not really AGAINST me, because I often got along better with them than with the other kids. But I tended to feel like I was on my own, and if I was having trouble I should keep it secret instead of asking for help, because I was supposed to get everything done myself. That's probably more true of primary and secondary school than of college, but I kind of carried over that way of thinking. That and a tendency to leave assignments until the last minute. Outside of academics, I had more of a social life than I ever had previously, but I felt there was something lacking there as well. I liked it at the beginning of the year, when most people tended to be friendly with each other. After that, I still had friends, but I never really felt they were CLOSE friends. I guess I still kind of feel that way. Maybe that's partially my fault, but prior to college I usually felt like I was generally just viewed as a curiosity.
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