Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Things Fall to Bits

I don't write much on LiveJournal these days, but maybe I should, as it's a vanguard for the nation. It was sold to the Russians, and now the United States is as well. I'm not sure anyone I know still uses it, though. Do you think it's likely to last much longer? Is there a way to back up my old posts? I still refer back to my old entries quite a bit.

I have a new phone now. I dropped my last one on the pavement and the screen cracked. It still had power, but since pretty much everything on it operated by touchscreen, I couldn't do anything with it. Beth and I switched from Verizon to Sprint, and they said they'll reimburse our early termination fees if we send our old phones in, but I have to get mine fixed first. I dropped it off at a repair shop on Monday, after being told by another one that they fix LG phones, but not VERIZON LG phones. The notification sound I chose is called Echo, but it reminds me of the sound when Mario jumps over a barrel in Donkey Kong. Maybe there's a way to actually use that sound, but I'm not sure how to get it. Now I'm just worried I'll break this new one too. I'm trying to be careful, but sometimes all it takes is one moment of carelessness. I mean, I've dropped phones many times, but it usually didn't affect the screen. I guess it all depends on how and where you drop it. Would a case help?

Last Friday night, Beth and I went to see Michael Ian Black at Caroline's in Times Square. Kind of a small venue for him, I thought, but he did do multiple shows. A lot of his bits were the same as last time, but his story about Subway and his comments on national anthems were new to us. We actually got Subway a few times in the past week (the Subway restaurant is closer to where we live than the subway train), and we both thought it was good. Subway really seems to vary in quality quite a bit. Another time I went there last year, I liked my food, but I got sick afterwards. I don't know whether the sandwich necessarily had anything to do with that, though. I had their meatball subs a lot in my high school and college days, back when they used the wedge cut for the bread, which really did help to make it less messy. I'm not sure why they stopped with that, but it doesn't have much effect on their other subs, especially since I tend to get them without frills ("frills" here meaning "vegetables").

It snowed quite a bit today, although not as much as had been predicted. Maybe it did on Long Island; they were supposed to get the brunt of it. The roads and sidewalks are still pretty bad, though. I had to go to work anyway, but the trains were running pretty normally, so it wasn't a particularly big deal. At least I didn't have to drive.

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