Nathan (vovat) wrote,

My tweets

  • Sun, 14:01: RT @_DavetheDave: Go ahead and wire tap my house. All you'll hear is me telling the dog to stop barking and the dog barking.
  • Sun, 14:10: You might think the tax bill is a boon to Trump, but remember that we don't have evidence Trump pays any taxes at all. Check and mate!
  • Sun, 14:54: All the audience backlash at the Frozen short makes me feel I need to see it.
  • Mon, 08:10: Had a dream that I was going to a concert, but to get there I had to drive into the woods and catch a bus from there.
  • Mon, 08:14: RT @VGArtAndTidbits: 🎄~Contest!~🎄 Retweet and follow for a chance to win this amazing Nintendo Christmas bundle! Yes, that is an SNES Cla…
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