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When the Roses Bloom Again

Last Wednesday was Rose Night at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, so Beth and I went there after work. They have so many different varieties there, and I have to wonder how people keep coming up with new ones, but I don't much about botany anyway.

They've reopened the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden, but it doesn't look like the fish are there anymore, or at least not many of them. And some idiot threw a bottle in there.

Friday was Beth's Uncle John's birthday (and also a certain president's, but the less said about him the better), and the family threw him a surprise party on Saturday. He says he was actually surprised, too. There were people there I hadn't seen in a while, and we got catering from Wawa. I hadn't even known they did that. And the day before that, we ate at the Olive Garden.

I've finished a few books recently, so I should put up some reviews soon. I have Marcus Mebes' The Haunted Castle of Oz, which I've already read in its earlier form, but this is an edited and expanded version. He's done a few of those, actually, including Lurline and the White Ravens and Mysterious Caverns. I've also been playing Golden Sun again after setting it aside seven years ago. I do that kind of a lot, but in this it isn't even like I got stuck or anything.
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