Nathan (vovat) wrote,

A Space Is Made by Telephone

Beth and I got new phones this week, although it was a hassle to actually obtain them. These are the first smart phones we've had without removable batteries, which sucks as I like to keep a spare. I'm not really sure how this would be advantageous to the manufacturer, but whatever. I always want to change the ringtones and sounds as soon as I can. I like the idea of having different ringtones for different people, but hardly anyone calls me other than Beth (and would-be identity thieves, but they always use different numbers), and I've been going with Monkees songs by Mike Nesmith with the past few phones. For the normal ringtone and alert sounds, I used stuff from Super Mario Bros. 3.

We also now have a parking space through the building where we live, which means I can keep my car up here. We'd been on a waiting list since we moved in. When I've brought my car up previously, I've had to find street parking, and that's a real pain. I don't expect to drive much, but it will come in handy if we do things outside the city. We were outside New York during the recent blackout, but I think it was localized to Midtown Manhattan anyway. Of course, that means it still affected a crapload of people. Apparently a lot of people who grew up in NYC refer to Manhattan as "the city," which seems weirdly inaccurate to me. But then, so does saying you're waiting "on line" instead of "in line." Okay, that one is just a regional difference and not technically wrong, but I think the only region where it's used might be NYC.

I ended up canceling my Flickr Pro account as I really don't use it anymore. It was convenient for archival purposes, but I have most of my pictures backed up elsewhere. I generally post new pictures that I like to Instagram and Facebook, although it can be hard to find older ones on there. I guess the name "Instagram" itself implies a sense of immediacy. I do keep meaning to find a way to back up my hard drive, though. We have a drive that's supposed to do that, but the last few times we tried it, it kept giving error messages.

While riding the bus on Friday, I beat Baramos in the Game Boy version of Dragon Warrior (i.e., Dragon Quest) III. His speech in this version is nowhere near as amusing as in the NES one, but hey, space limitations.
Tags: dragon quest, mario, music, travel, video games
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