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Don't Drain the Swamp! It's an Important Ecosystem!

It's Labor Day, and I get the day off even though I'm not at all a laborer. The long weekend has been pretty enjoyable, despite my general tendency to not want to do anything, my lingering cold, and the fact that my teeth sometimes feel itchy. I have no idea what's up with that last one. It's not real pain, just a weird, irritating feeling. And I don't think it's a dental issue, because it happened occasionally before the last time I went to the dentist, and they took about 50,000 X-rays and didn't notice anything wrong. Maybe it's a brain problem. I actually did something worth mentioning before the weekend, as Beth and I went to see a Kevin McDonald show in Times Square, where he told stories and sang songs, including a few I'd heard before at his podcast recordings. One of the songs was about being passive-aggressive, and one story involved an occasion in London when he was so scared seeing a hooligan beat up on a guy on a bike that his penis went inside his body. Is that an actual thing? Beth and I were both let out of work early on Friday, and we ate at Shake Shack, where we used to go a lot but haven't in a long time. I usually get two hot dogs instead of a burger. It seems like I always miss the more interesting limited time shake flavors, and end up getting strawberry, which is good but a little generic by this point. On Saturday, we ate at Standard Burger for the first time, and they have raspberry shakes. After that, we checked out something Beth had been reading about, step streets, which are streets extended through a really steep area by way of a staircase. Most of them are in the Bronx or northern Manhattan, but there are two in Brooklyn, on 74th and 76th Streets near the bay.

The one at 76th had graffiti all over it.

Those aren't even good drawings of dicks!

On Tuesday, we drove to Secaucus, where we lived for a few years before moving to Brooklyn. There's a trail there through Mill Creek Marsh that Beth enjoys, and we hadn't been there in a while.

Afterwards, we ate at the nearby Olive Garden. I can't say I have any particular plans for today, although I'll probably do the laundry. I really haven't been in much of a mood to write recently, which is part of why my WordPress entries have been sparse, but I'm also having trouble coming up with topics. There's some music I mean to write about, but I don't get much of a chance to listen to it, and when I do I can't think of what to say about it.

So much of what's been going on recently in the whimsical world of current events has been deeply disturbing, and while I guess it's nothing new, it seems like it's harder to ignore. I mean, I want to be aware of what's going on in the world, but I don't know that I necessarily need to know about every single white supremacist making idiotic comments. I feel that it's important to be aware of how dangerous people think, but it also seems like the media are giving too much of a platform to these idiots. I guess it's kind of hard not to when the President of the United States is one of them, but I really don't get why the mainstream media's reaction to Trump saying they're his enemies is to try their best to placate him. That's not how it's supposed to work even when the President ISN'T dangerously incompetent. I recently read this thread on Twitter about how the New York Times gradually became more right-wing due to the actions of conservative think tanks who tried to paint them as partisan. I'm not sure why anyone would think balance (which is basically just a way to present fringe ideas as equally valid) is more important than accuracy, but the media were just totally unprepared for the onslaught, and I think they were totally unprepared for a president like Trump as well. I mean, the media always cover what the President says and does, even if they don't agree with it. But sometimes we have to rethink what we've always done. I've been taking a certain amount of comfort in how many people there are who are willing to call out bigotry and general idiocy, but I'm also upset that they have to.
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