Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Rule 42: All Persons More Than a Mile High to Leave the Court

I turn the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything today. Forty-two is a number Lewis Carroll used a lot as well, and I've written on the topic of recurring numbers before. Friday was Beth's birthday, but I couldn't think of anything to give her. I did order a few things, one of which came today, but she's gotten harder to shop for, as she already has a lot of books and buying DVDs isn't really necessary anymore.

To go back even further, on Wednesday, we saw a presentation on Halloween at Green-Wood Cemetery, which I have to wonder if they had to delay for some reason. It was pretty interesting, and the presenter brought some old decorations with her. One thing I particularly recall is how older decorations often focused on the harvest, while now the only real remnant of that aspect of the holiday is the pumpkins. We went to Friendly's on Friday, then to the Olive Garden on Saturday and Applebee's on Sunday. Today, we went to Pizzeria Uno, which isn't all that exciting as it's right around the corner and we go there fairly often, but I couldn't think of any better ideas. I really don't think the shrimp and crab dip is as good as it used to be, though. There are apparently no longer pieces of shrimp in it, unless they just messed it up that time. Maybe next time we can try the garlic bread instead. As for my presents, Beth gave me St. Vincent's MassEducation, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn for 3DS, and a book of Dragon Quest illustrations; her mom gave me some shirts; Uncle John gave me Volume 1 of the Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive (the one covering the games I'm more familiar with, I through VI); and my brother gave me FF and DQ mangas.
Tags: birthdays, books, douglas adams, dragon quest, final fantasy, food, halloween, holidays, lewis carroll, video games

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