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Trimmings and Trappings

I've been meaning to write a life update, but I've had a lot going on as of late, and even when I didn't I found other things to do. Beth and I did do some things I felt were worth mentioning, though. Earlier this month was a Kevin Geeks Out show, the first one in a year.

There were some funny and interesting bits, including one on Dolly Parton and her Christmas connections, one on the history of the NORAD Santa tracker, and one on various Santa-related amusement parks across the country. There are nowhere near as many of the latter as there used to be, but there are some still holding on, often by adding more traditional rides in addition to the Santa stuff. Another segment was on how people often seem to mix up Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch when they have some significant differences, also comparing the two of them to other characters. I'd say the most noteworthy difference might be socioeconomic class, as you're comparing a money-hoarding rich guy to a cave-dwelling hermit. There was a running gag Kevin Maher did throughout with a chart about characters' real penis sizes contrasted with how they perceive them.

The Thursday before last, we saw Michael Ian Black at the Bell House, and one of the first things he talked about was how, if he were to just end the show a few minutes after coming out, the audience would be pissed but even more relieved. I think he definitely captured how I feel about going to events, especially on weeknights. He obviously didn't leave that soon, but we did get back home reasonably early. His opener was Samantha Ruddy, and I liked her as well.

We bought our first real Christmas tree this year, from a place set up in front of the Rite-Aid. The thing is, we've had it for about two weeks now, and we only just finished decorating it. I feel kind of stupid about that, as it's only a few days until Christmas. Part of the problem was that we didn't have all the decorations yet, so hopefully it will be easier if we do it again next year. There are always things I think I should do during the holiday season that I never really feel like doing, and then I have regrets afterwards. But anyway, here's what the tree looks like now.
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