Nathan (vovat) wrote,

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  • Tue, 08:51: I just heard a kid singing about Burger King to the tune of "Christmastime Is Here" from Charlie Brown.
  • Tue, 10:39: If that’s true, Mr. Wogglebug, why does the New York Post have so many pun headlines?
  • Tue, 10:41: 📷 themuppetmasterencyclopedia: Robin Frog during his song halfway down the stairs
  • Tue, 17:16: RT @espiers: Some things I think are true: - Republicans don't like socialism - It doesn't matter because Democrats don't fucking care and…
  • Tue, 18:50: RT @FaithNaff: This is a problem at the heart of capitalism: you can never just have a good thing that makes money. There must ALWAYS be gr…
  • Tue, 20:15: Biden says he worked like the Devil. I guess that, whatever you want to say about the Prince of Darkness, he does…
  • Tue, 20:44: RT @pixelatedboat: They should spice the debate up by asking the candidates if John McCain is in hell
  • Tue, 20:51: Why doesn't Sanders have an F rating from the NRA? D- means he still passed. #DemDebate
  • Tue, 21:00: I'm sure more people don't know who I am than who Tina Fey is, so why aren't I trending?
Tags: #demdebate, twitter

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