Nathan (vovat) wrote,

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  • Sun, 14:15: RT @frogbiansVEVO: last night i had a vision of a world where rosalina was the main character of super mario odyssey instead of mario for s…
  • Sun, 15:03: RT @PJiggles_: Morton losing half his brain cells from Mario & Luigi Paper Jam to Paper Mario Color Splash is still the funniest thing to m…
  • Sun, 15:07: RT @coldfootfilms: I'm not saying this photo will solve all your problems. I'm just saying some days you need a picture of a kitten at the…
  • Sun, 15:12: RT @WholesomeMeme:
  • Sun, 20:25: RT @kibblesmith: Screenwriting tip: Find excuses to have your characters say a BUNCH of dates. Twitter users will screen grab these and use…
  • Sun, 21:55: RT @pixelatedboat: Sad to see people trying to rehabilitate George W Bush despite his many crimes, such as luring his own father onto the p…
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