Nathan (vovat) wrote,

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  • Thu, 08:36: As per Pence, we're apparently supposed to fear: higher taxes, ending fracking, ISIS, higher taxes, abortion, looting, higher taxes.
  • Thu, 08:48: RT @emrazz: Corporate tax breaks are philosophically incongruent with a free market economy. If you can’t pay the cost of playing, a true f…
  • Thu, 08:52: I guess fundamentalist Christianity, which basically teaches that God really wants to throw you in Hell but you can avoid it by kowtowing and following arbitrary rules, fits in with their approach to corporations and cops.
  • Thu, 09:11: The American people deserve better than someone who says "the American people" in practically every sentence. #VicePresidentialDebate
Tags: #dragonquestxi, #nintendoswitch, #vicepresidentialdebate, #vicepresidentialdebate2020, twitter

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