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  • Wed, 14:05: Apparently impeaching Trump would be too divisive, but letting a guy get off scot-free for inciting a coup...isn't divisive? At this point, impeachment is pretty much the least you can do.
  • Wed, 14:05: RT @AlexandraErin: "Is accusing Republican lawmakers of sedition and calling for their expulsion the plan for healing?" It is when Republ…
  • Wed, 19:03: Ticking Over
  • Wed, 21:00: According to House Republicans, the only way for the country to heal is to do absolutely nothing.
  • Wed, 21:02: RT @AnOrangeSNES: Elon Musk has all the bad qualities of Tony Stark (weird asshole, billionaire) without any of the good ones (saving the w…
  • Wed, 21:53: RT @RGeirsson: Black Shuck is a tough dog to train, especially when it comes to keeping him off the furniture. Some nice folkloric absurdit…
  • Wed, 21:58: RT @slothpowerart: Going on an adventure! Sorcerer and Cheeky Tiki from Dragon Quest 120 - 121 / 307 #DragonQuest #sorcerer #cheekytiki
  • Wed, 21:58: RT @depressionfan93: if angels wore sunglasses would it look like this or like this
  • Wed, 21:59: RT @emrazz: Republicans: saying bad people are bad is the same as bad people being bad, actually.
  • Thu, 08:40: RT @WondererHistory: Painting by Anthony van Dyck entitled Thetis Receiving the Weapons of Achilles from Hephaestus, Greek god of blacksmi…
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    Tue, 14:03: RT @ RageMichelle: The Sixth Circle of Hell Will Be Closed Tuesdays Due to a Shortage of Workers via Meghan Louise Wagner @…

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    Mon, 15:30: RT @ Johnny_Holiday: I seriously can't handle reality, which is insane, because I'm not quite sure what reality even is...…

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    Sun, 18:16: RT @ OoCPokemon: Sun, 18:18: RT @ zakura78: Super Mario Kiiiiiick !!!!! 💥 🐢🦍🐊 #Mario #DonkeyKong

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