July 12th, 2005


A jungle I don't like that much

bethje and I watched the first Friday the 13th last night. I'd never seen it before. Oddly enough, the thing that stuck with me the most was that some of the counselors were playing Strip Monopoly. I have to wonder how the rules to THAT work out. I did notice that nobody was collecting $200 when they passed Go, but that's just my nit-picking, board-game-obsessed mind at work, I suppose.

I have to say that the new Posies album, Every Kind of Light, doesn't really thrill me. I guess I think the Posies are often kind of hit-or-miss, except on Failure, which is one of those rare treats where every song is good. All of their other albums had at least one or two instantly catchy songs, though, and I haven't gotten that vibe from any of these new songs. I guess I like "Conversations," which has somewhat of an earlier Posies feel. (And yes, I know how clichéd it is to say a song on a new album is the best just because it sounds like the band's earlier work, even if you would have found it subpar if it had appeared on an earlier album.) "I Finally Found A Jungle I Like!!!" is pretty cool, too, if only because it has more of a rock edge to it, and includes horns and organ. Overall, the album just hasn't grabbed me, and even the better songs aren't THAT great. Maybe it'll grow on me, but really, 2005 just hasn't been a great year for new music (by artists I already like, that is) so far.

Also, I got this from petie_s:

What are you currently reading? Please post the opening sentence.

"Tip trotted to the Red Wagon that was waiting in the traffic circle at the South Wing of the Emerald City Palace."

Now I think I'll go play Paper Mario for a little while before work.

Things just haven't been the same since the Flying Sorceror came

I just finished reading Zim Greenleaf of Oz, the third and final book in Melody Grandy's The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz series.

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Now on to Merry Mountaineer and Hollyhock Dolls, neither of which is very long. I might well finish them both by Friday night, after which I'll probably be concentrating my reading efforts on Harry Potter for a while.

By the way, gas prices have apparently gone up about twenty cents within the past week. I'm sure there's some reason for it, what with world markets and OPEC and the secret cabal that secretly sets the world's prices, but all I know is that it's annoying.
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