June 19th, 2006


How about another story?

I've read two more of March Laumer's Oz books, Charmed Gardens of Oz and Uncle Henry and Aunt Em of Oz. Collapse )

I came up with some ideas for an Oz story of my own the other day. It was partially inspired by a dream I had about finding an Ozian book in an American bookstore. I've come up with some ideas for a plot where some people find such a book, as well as a back story for the guy who sold it in the first place. The problem is that I really haven't really developed personalities for the people who find it. I'm not sure if I want them to be young kids or somewhat older, or even what gender they should be (although I'm thinking one boy and one girl). I'm also not sure about the setting. Is it wrong to set part of a story in a real place that you've never actually been? If it's a place where I never conceivably WOULD go (like, say, Baghdad or Antarctica), that would be one thing. But what if it's a place where it's techncially possible to go, but you have no desire to do so? I guess it wouldn't necessarily be a problem. I mean, I think L. Frank Baum himself only saw Kansas once before setting the original Oz book there. From what I've read, most of his descriptions of Kansas were based more on the Dakota Territory, where he once lived. Still, would that kind of thing ruin the willing suspension of disbelief?

Speaking of which, bethje and I saw part of Kate & Leopold on TBS last night. (I think the late-night lineup of those sub-basic cable channels consists of about 50% crappy Meg Ryan movies.) Now THERE'S a movie that stretches believability. Not because of the time travel stuff. I can buy that. What I can't buy is that anyone would ever find Meg Ryan attractive. :P

We also watched Bamboozled, which I thought was good. I believe it's the first Spike Lee film I've ever seen.