September 27th, 2006


Golly gee, I love my pancreas

No matter how many new musical artists I get interested in, I think I'm fated to remain primarily a Weird Al fan in the minds of many. Sheesh, have a hopeless obsession with a comedic musician in high school and college, and you'll be remembered that way for the rest of your life! {g} Really, though, most kids seem to like Al, but it generally takes a special personality (by which I basically mean a total nerd) for this fandom to continue into adulthood. For my part, even as I get older and no longer find singing an Italian menu to the tune of "La Bamba" to be the height of hilarity, I still find a lot of humor and creativity to appreciate in Al's work. Or maybe I just have childish tastes. It's probaly a little of both, really. Anyway, Al's twelfth album came out yesterday, and here are my thoughts on it, one song at a time:

Collapse )

I still haven't watched the DVD side of the disc, but I plan to do that soon. It would be easier if my DVD-ROM drive were working. I keep meaning to try the fixes that onib suggested a few months ago, but I have so much else on mind that I keep forgetting. Maybe I'll do something about that this weekend, but I doubt I'll get around to it.
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