March 17th, 2007


In which I express disappointment with a few musicians, and answer some questions

bethje told me the other day that Ben Folds is touring with John Mayer. What, Guster wasn't bad enough? Later, we saw a commercial that used "Landed," so maybe Ben just needs some money fast.

In other music news, I'm a little disappointed that the upcoming They Might Be Giants album apparently only includes thirteen songs. Yeah, I know. Quality, not quantity. Still, I kind of wish I'd been a fan back in the day when they put out albums every other year, and they all had at least eighteen songs.

And here are some questions that travspence asked me:

1. If you had an unlimited budget and could hire any actors and directors
you wanted, what movie would you make?

Obvious, I know, but I'd probably do an Oz movie. I'm not sure which book I'd adapt, though. I think The Patchwork Girl of Oz would be a good choice, but then, that seems to be the choice of pretty much everyone who knows the books beyond Wizard.

2. The same crazy billionaire who wants to smash omphalos's
daughter's toys, offers you this deal: He'll give you $250,000 to change
your name but you cannot tell anyone else about the deal, which means you
couldn't explain the name change and you'd have to hide where the money
came from. Why would you accept or reject his deal? If you accept his
deal, what would you change your name to?

Since I could choose the name, I'd probably accept it. It would be difficult not to tell anyone the reason, though. Wait, I know. I'd take advantage of a technicality, and change it to "Some Crazy Billionaire Paid Me $250,000 To Change My Name," or "Changey" for short.

3. You're diagnosed with a rare brain disorder. It can be cured with
surgery but as a result you'll lose the use of one ear or one eye or one
arm or one leg. The good news is that you can choose. Which would you
give up and why?

Well, first I'd get a second opinion. {g} I guess if I had to choose, I'd say one arm. But then I wouldn't be able to drive, would I? Maybe the ear, then. I might be able to make do with one.

4. Because of something scandalous you posted in your blog, you are tried
for treason and exiled from the United States. Sympathizers pitch in and
agree to help you start over in the country of your choice. Where would
you go and why?

I think I'd be tempted to choose England, but I've never actually been there, so I might want to research it first. I guess I could choose Canada, since it wouldn't be that much different, but it IS really cold.

5. On your way home from work you stumble across a misplaced briefcase.
Inside is $5 million and a note that reads, "Dear George, thanks for
everything! Love, Osama." What do you do with the money?

I guess I'd feel obligated to turn it over to the authorities, although probably nothing would come of it. The news networks would report the story, and the right-wingers would say that it's all lies from the liberal media. If it somehow came to pass that I got to keep the money, I'd probably just use it for normal purposes. It's not like Osama paid ME off, after all.

A Gast-ly Anomaly

My Sims 2 neighborhood appears to have both a nanny and a maid named Karen Gast. Are they related, or are they the same person at two different stages of life, both co-existing due to a temporal anomaly? Maybe I should figure out some way to make them meet, and see if the Sim universe collapses. {g}

I've managed to accomplish several things in the game, but have yet to create a community lot. Actually, I never did that in the original Sims either, despite having all of the expansion packs. Maybe I should try it at some point. Are there any other interesting things in the game that I might not know about offhand?

And here are some more things that I got from majellen:
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I'm hungry, but I think I'll wait until after I've slept a little while before getting any food. I'm thinking maybe I'll order a pizza. I've had plenty of pizza recently, but it's pretty much all been the frozen variety.

I really should start my taxes soon, shouldn't I? I don't think they'll be that hard to do, but the fact that I was a resident of two states in 2006 might complicate matters.