April 27th, 2007


The ardor of our arboreality is an adventure we have spurned

The newest They Might Be Giants podcast is a little on the short side, clocking in at exactly 20 minutes. And they're apparently already repeating songs from older podcasts after only about a year. Yeah, it's a LIVE version of "Why Did You Grow A Beard?" this time, and that's a cool song anyway, but still. I've heard most of the songs on it many times, but it was still nice to hear "Truth In Your Words" and "Fun Assassin," not to mention the Muckafurgason song. (Now THERE'S a band that broke up prematurely. At least Chris Anderson is still rocking the masses with The Last Car.) Of course, I can listen to all three of those songs pretty much anytime, but that doesn't mean I DO.

Speaking of TMBG, I first saw them in concert on Arbor Day in 1997, and since it's now Arbor Day in 2007, I guess it's been about ten years. That's pretty crazy. And by my last count, I've seen them twenty times, so that averages out to two concerts a year. I'm sure several people reading this have beaten that average by a considerable amount, but hey, it's a lot for a non-roadtripper.

The latest TMBG album, The Else, is due out on my anniversary with bethje. While I'm definitely looking forward to it, both Mink Car and The Spine had songs I was really excited about some time before the albums were actually released, and such isn't the case for The Else. Maybe that will change after the concert next month, though. As it is, the only songs I've heard that they've announced as Else tracks are "Bird Of The Bee Of The Moth," "Careful What You Pack," and "The Cap'm," none of which thrilled me when I heard them live. They might well grow on me, but they definitely don't have the appeal of something like "Stalk Of Wheat," which I loved pretty much immediately. (But then, some people really dislike "Stalk," so there's no accounting for tastes.)