July 8th, 2007


Waning Fandom

I've had a few dreams in the past few days that I thought might be worth mentioning. A few days ago, I had one where I fought with my dad because he was trying to get me to hide in the attic closet so I could surprise somebody, but I knew I'd have to be in there for upwards of an hour, and didn't want to do it. Later in the same dream, I told someone I wanted to find a job in Oz so I could stay there, and I pointed out that Lucky Bucky did that. For some reason, I was playing with a doll's hair while saying this. That same general period of sleep included a dream where I thought I'd found a copy of The Else (the new They Might Be Giants album, for those of you who haven't been paying attention) a few days early, but it turned out not to be an actual CD. And there was another one where someone was saying that they'd probably need to operate on my toe. Speaking of that, my toe feels a lot better now, but there still a little pain which I touch the affected area directly. I guess I should continue with the cream, although I've only been applying it once a day as of late. The oral antibiotic is long gone.

In one dream I had yesterday, I went to work in a T-shirt on a day other than Casual Friday, and I had to explain (after checking my car just to make sure) that I didn't have a dress shirt. Somebody insisted that I NEVER wore nice shirts, and I tried to argue with her. And another one had me returning to college, but with a cell phone and a car. I think I might also have been dating bethje, because I remember thinking about calling her. There was something in the dream about the building being abandoned because of the war, and another part where I was naked in the bathroom. For some reason, I didn't think anything of it until most of the people (who included both guys and girls) had already left, but then I tried to hide my private area as best I could.

The ceiling fan in my room has started shaking like a drug addict who needs a fix, and I really don't know what's wrong with it, but I'm afraid it's going to fall down if I keep running it. I thought it might help if I tightened a few screws, but the whole thing is constructed so awkwardly that I can't fit a screwdriver into the space below the screws. The only other fan I could find around the house is apparently battery-powered, and I don't put much faith in such things. Maybe tomorrow I'll buy a regular fan and/or a smaller screwdriver.

Over the weekend, Beth and I continued our viewing of eighties movies by watching Heathers and The Goonies. I don't really have anything specific to say about either one, but I did enjoy them.

Tuesday is our anniversary, as well as the official release date for The Else. I'm not totally sure what to expect from the album, and opinions of people on my friends list have ranged from "awesome" to "awful." I really don't expect to like it as much as The Spine, but I do think I'll enjoy it. The songs that I have heard from it have been fun, but not amazing. I think I might actually be looking forward more to the bonus disc, which had better come in retail copies, or I'm going to be pretty annoyed.

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