July 22nd, 2007


The Ozzy Ozziness of Oz

I still haven't finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I've read twelve chapters, and will probably read more before I go to sleep today), but I DID finish three other books recently. They're all three Oz books that bethje gave me for our anniversary, and I'm going to put my thoughts under a cut, since I know most of my readers probably don't care about Oz. And maybe some of the people who DO haven't read these particular books, and don't want them spoiled. So here we go.

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Something non-Oz-related that I've been enjoying recently is a page of Stupid Comics. And if you enjoy those, Superdickery is along much the same lines. (I think I've already linked to the latter, actually, but it's worth another mention.)

This quiz, which I got from twobitme, is just a multiple-choice identification thing, but I think that Beth might be interested in it, even if no one else is.
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Finally, I keep forgetting to wish a happy belated birthday to jenhime (whose actual birthday was back on the sixteenth), so I'm doing so now.