September 5th, 2007


Are You Receiving Me?

It almost seems like I've been blogging at a brick wall as of late. Sure, I still get SOME comments, and I know some things just aren't going to be of any particular interest to anyone, but still. It bothers me a little when I write about something I think is interesting, and nobody else cares. But I suppose that's the way of the world sometimes.

I should probably update my web page sometime soon. Does anyone have any sites that they'd like me to link to? Personal home pages don't seem to be as common now as they were back in the day, but I'm sure some of you still have them.

I had some crazy dreams a few days ago that I'd been meaning to write about, but didn't want to devote an entire post to. In one, I had jury duty again, but it was in a bathroom, and the jury had to sit in the bathtub. Another one involved my being in high school, and there was an assembly devoted to the Mario games. I wish there had been something like that at my real high school! Anyway, what I remember was largely accurate (I know they mentioned how Donkey Kong was originally planned as a Popeye game), but they claimed that Donkey Kong was made in the twenties, around the time of Shigeru Miyamoto's twentieth anniversary. Later in the dream, I was supposed to take an algebra exam, but in contrast to how these things usually work in dreams, it turned out I had already finished with it. So I went running around the halls for no apparent reason, and passed someone in a knight costume pushing a cardboard castle. I somehow ended up in what appeared to be a mall food court, where there was a restaurant called "World War I" that apparently specialized in German cuisine.

It's weird how people from the past will sometimes show up in dreams for no real reason. One of the people on the bathtub jury with me was a guy who was in my classes from elementary school up through college. I never knew him very well, but I remember our sixth grade science teacher used to pick on him a lot. The guy who sat next to me in calculus was in the high school dream.

And here are the results of both versions of this nerd test:

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