October 14th, 2007


My Girlfriend's Cousin's Best Friend's Wedding

Yesterday morning, bethje and I went to the wedding of Dorothea's best friend Eileen. The actual wedding was at a church, and I can really only think of two things particularly worth mentioning about it. One is that there was some kind of candle-lighting ceremony and separate ring presentation for the groom's daughter (from his first marriage). The other is that they said the Lord's Prayer with the words "forgive us our trespasses," rather than "debtors," which is how I'd learned it growing up. The reception was at a catering hall really close by, and started out with an hors d'oeuvre session where we weren't allowed to sit down. I can't say I particularly enjoyed that, although it was cool to try some different kinds of cheese. Beth tried some caviar, but I wasn't brave enough to do so. Her assessment was that it was salty, which I'm sure is true. Actually, I'd give the food a thumbs up in general, aside from the butternut squash soup. We had a choice between pork tenderloin, duck with Grand Mariner sauce, and salmon. (I had heard that there was also a vegetarian option, but since no one at our table was a vegetarian, this was never officially confirmed.) I had the pork, which was in an apricot sauce that I actually quite liked. I tend to be quite picky about sauces (usually preferring not to have them at all), so that's saying something. I also tried a bite of Beth's duck, which was good as well. I do wish they'd had some non-alcoholic beverages other than water and coffee, but I'm sure not everyone is as into fruit juice as I am. {g} Actually, since they were serving mixed drinks at the bar, I'm sure I could have gotten some orange juice or a soda, but I didn't think of it at the time. I did have a Fuzzy Navel, which I liked, but I really nursed due to my ridiculous paranoia when it comes to alcohol. I also tried a few sips of wine, but even the sweet wines tend to have a funky taste to them. I guess that's the kind of thing you have to develop a taste for.

We were thinking of putting what we'd learned in our ballroom dancing class to use, but aside from a few Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra songs before the dance floor had really been opened, there wasn't anything you could do that kind of dance to. The DJ mostly played the tacky party songs that old people can dance to, like the Electric Slide and the Chicken Dance. The official wedding song was Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up," and can I just say that I'm not a fan of Mr. Groban's? The weirdest choice on the playlist, however, was "Fire And Rain." I mean, I'm not someone who thinks that every song played at a wedding has to be directly related to the ceremony or the couple, but isn't a song about someone dying kind of a messed-up choice for the occasion?

I was pretty tired after the wedding, so I went to sleep pretty early, and eventually had a dream where I was at Friendly's with someone (my companion changed from Beth to my dad to my grandfather to my mom), and I ordered a banana split at the counter. The guy working there took my order, and then he left and gave it to a different guy, who ended up giving me spaghetti with ice cream on top instead of a banana split. I asked the first guy, who had returned by this point, for a comment card, but he kept doing other things instead of getting me one. There was a stack of forms at the counter, but none of them were the right one.

Under the cut is another survey that I got from travspence:
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By the way, I've started signing on to AIM a little more nowadays, but I noticed that my friends list is mostly made up of people I haven't talked to in years, and who might not even have the same screen names now anyway. If anyone wants to tell me their screen names, I'd be much obliged. I'm generally too shy to contact anyone first, but you can IM me if you'd like. My name on there is "Fablesto."

Remarks from a beetle-browed Internet person

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2. While Season 10 of The Simpsons is not a particularly good one, the DVD set maintains the high quality of the other ones. In light of the fact that the commentaries tend to be overwhelmingly positive, I found it interesting that Mike Scully pretty much admitted the end of "Monty Can't Buy Me Love" (with Burns capturing the Loch Ness Monster and eventually putting Nessie to work in a casino) wasn't very good. The commentaries do include a lot of Ian Maxtone-Graham, quite possibly the most hated writer in the history of the series, thanks largely to an interview where he basically insults Internet fans, women, anyone who cares about continuity, and the medium in which he works. Yeah, way to make yourself popular, Ian. bethje says that he sounds humorless.

3. There's been some talk of a new Wizard of Oz movie, probably produced by Todd McFarlane. The screenwriter has implied that there probably will be characters from later Oz books, but I generally agree with yosef, who mentioned in this post that he'd much rather see them do an adaptation of another Oz book, rather than yet another rehash of Wizard. In regards to Todd's quote from the article, I think that the Dorothy of the books (as opposed to the frantic Judy Garland) IS pretty tough, but it's the toughness of a determined, resolute young girl, not that of a twenty-something action heroine brandishing a Super Soaker to blow away the Wicked Witch of the West. It's odd that the makers of the MGM movie were determined to make Judy look younger, yet recent interpretations of Wizard always seem to want to turn Dorothy into a teenager or adult. Also, if they really want Natalie Portman in an Oz movie, isn't she much better suited for Ozma than Dorothy? Oh, well. It's pretty likely the film will meet the same fate as the hip-hop Wizard or the thing with Drew Barrymore as a grown-up Dorothy being chased around New York City by a mysteriously living Wicked Witch (and yes, both of those were actual proposed Oz-related movies that I remember hearing about in the past few years).

4. I took some quizzes.
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