October 16th, 2007


This is my concert review, because I like you, porcupine

Last night, bethje and I went to see Tori Amos at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby. The only other time I went there, I took public transportation (it was supposed to be the elevated train, which stops about a block away, but they were doing construction on the track so it turned out to be a bus instead), so I didn't really know where to park, and that always worries me, not least of all because I'm not very good at street parking. I was able to call the venue and find out the location of a nearby parking garage, though, and I found it without any real trouble. (It's at Chestnut and Heather Streets, about a block southeast of the venue, for those of you who might be considering driving there for some other show.) Anyway, the venue itself is a lot bigger than I had thought. We sat in the upper balcony, which I'm not even sure was open when we saw Belle and Sebastian there. So our view wasn't that great, but the sound was a LOT better than that at the Tweeter Center, which was the last place we saw Tori.

The opener was YOAV, another single dude with a guitar, but at least he tried to do something different and kind of interesting. While I didn't think he was that great, I much preferred him to Howie Day and Matt Nathanson. His set included a cover of "Where Is My Mind?", which the audience seemed pretty excited about. YOAV didn't play for very long, but it was a while before Tori took the stage. Fortunately, we were sitting down, so the wait wasn't as annoying as it usually is. Tori started the show in a short blonde wig. I think it was the Santa one, but it might possibly have been Isabel. As I've said, our view wasn't that good. I had considered the possibility that she would wear all of the American Doll Posse wigs, but she only changed once during the show. In both guises, she wore somewhat slinky dresses, instead of the weird flowing gowns she'd been sporting on other recent tours. I think playing dress-up is rejuvenating her youthful energy to a certain extent.

The set was heavy on American Doll Posse songs, many of which weren't particular stand-outs from the album for me. She also played quite a few numbers from previous albums, though, including "Crucify," "Precious Things," "Leather," "Cornflake Girl" (okay, I don't think I've been to a Tori show where she DIDN'T play that one, but still), "Cloud On My Tongue," "Sugar," "Spark," "Hotel," "Liquid Diamonds," "Purple People," "Pancake," and "Hoochie Woman." Her closer was "Hey Jupiter," which, while it was a single and all, was kind of a low-key song to go out on. But then, I've noticed that she often ends with quiet songs like that, rather than big productions. Tori has returned to using a full band for this tour, which is somewhat disappointing. I'm not sure if they're the same people who were playing with her last time we saw her on a full-band tour, but they had the same habit of playing exactly the same way on every song. I prefer the shows where it's just Tori and her various keyboard instruments.

In unrelated news, Anderson is back home now, but I'm not sure how well he's doing. He's been eating a lot of his special food, which is good. But he still seems to be having some problems peeing, and he has to wear a cone around his head to stop him from licking himself. I'm really hoping he'll get better.
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