October 31st, 2007


Happy Halloween, everybody!

Today is Halloween/Samhain/Orange and Black Day, and yet I still have work tonight. What's up with that? It's also Betsy Bobbin's birthday, according to Masquerade in Oz, although I believe there's a reference in The Hungry Tiger of Oz that indicates otherwise.

It seems to me I might have made a playlist of Halloween-ish songs last year, but iTunes decided it would be fun to erase my library, so it's no longer there.

The night before last, I had a dream I was back at my old college, and I was annoyed that people could apparently just walk through my dorm room at any time. Even though I'd just gotten there, there was junk all over the floor, garbage to get rid of, and a big slab of meat just sitting around. For some reason obsessical was there, and I found out she developed a British accent when drunk (not that I really know how she sounds even while sober, but I'm assuming not British). Also there was Colin Meloy from the Decemberists, but I don't remember if he had a British accent (but he wasn't singing, so probably not). And even though I was supposed to be at IUP, we were supposedly within close driving distance of Atlantic City, and a bunch of people were planning a trip there.

Last night, I went out with bethje and Dorothea to watch Saw IV, which we found confusing. Too many characters, and too many flashbacks without any clear indication that they ARE flashbacks. I'm not as much of a fan of the Saw series as Beth is, but at least the original trilogy was based on a simple concept and pretty easy to follow. I think the series was pretty well wrapped up in the third part, and they really had to stretch to get a fourth movie out of it. But as long as they keep making money, I'm sure they'll keep cranking them out.

After the movie, we went to eat at Red Lobster. Beth and I got the Endless Shrimp again, but unlike last time, they'd only bring out one kind of shrimp at a time. I think it varies depending on who's currently working at the restaurant. I'm sure they do things like that to try to get people to eat less, but if they're really concerned about that, why offer an all-you-can-eat option at all? Dorothea, who doesn't like seafood for some reason, had some kind of chicken dish instead.

And to finish out this post, here are a few brief comments on some other horror movies that Beth and I have watched as of late:

Jack Frost - Not the one about Michael Keaton coming back to life as a snowman, but the extremely low-budget horror film about a serial killer...well, coming back to life as a snowman. Since it was intentionally bad, you'd think I could appreciate it for its camp value, but it really didn't hold my interest.

The Gate - I think this was intended as a horror movie for kids, what with the PG-13 rating, child protagonists, and such. That said, I think it was a pretty good kids' horror movie.

The Hills Have Eyes (2006 version) - I'd seen the original at a convention, but I didn't remember that much about it. (It can, after all, be hard to keep track of all those movies about city folks being tortured by hicks.) I did remember that several of the hicks were named after planets, which wasn't an element they kept for the remake, in which they barely even talked. They also really drove the whole nuclear testing angle into the viewers' heads, while I think it was mentioned only briefly in the original. Overall, though, it didn't seem all that different, which makes me wonder why they thought a remake was necessary.

2001 Maniacs - I believe this was also a remake, but neither of us had seen the original. It's basically another movie about obnoxious college kids being tortured and killed in various ways. I will give it credit for showing means of death that we don't normally see in these movies, including being torn apart by horses, skewered, and crushed under a falling bell. It was also amusing to see Robert Englund playing a crazy Confederate mayor.