November 3rd, 2007


NaStuPoMo: National Stupid Posts Month

I did the NaNoWriMo thing last year (writing an Oz manuscript, of course, since that seems to be about all the fiction I write nowadays), but I'm not participating this year. I probably should get back to working on my story from last year, though. I think it had some potential. And now there are a bunch of other National Do-Stuff-In-November things inspired by that. NaBloPoMo sounds kind of appealing, but announcing that I'd do that would pretty much just be setting myself up for failure. Still, maybe I should at least try, on an unofficial level, to post something every day this month. Of course, that would result in a lot of short, hastily dashed off entries that don't spawn any comments. But then, a lot of my longer, carefully planned out entries don't get comments either, and one I didn't really put any work into not getting comments is much less disappointing, isn't it?

Someone on the train the other day was talking about Voodoo. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear it very well, especially once the train started moving. I did hear her say something about the goddess Erzulie and sympathetic magic.

After my problems with my right big toe, now my left big toe has started hurting. Come on, what are the odds that this would happen twice in one year? Must be my shoes or something.
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