November 8th, 2007


Food for Thought

Here are just a few items related to food and restaurants:

  • It's never really clear which registers at Chick-fil-A are open and which are not. Really, considering the chaotic throngs of customers they often get, it would probably behoove them to have everyone wait in one line and then have the available clerks call the next customer, like they do at Borders. I don't see how that would work in a food court, though, so I guess they'll have to stick with the current system.

  • Speaking of Chick-fil-A, there was a time when I'd get two sandwiches, large waffle fries, and a large lemonade, and it would fill me up, sometimes too much. Now I'll sometimes get that, and I'm still hungry afterwards. What's with that?

  • I tried one of the stuffed pretzels from Wawa, and I must say my reaction was negative. It was supposed to be a pizza pretzel, so I had rather high hopes, as I've had excellent pizza pretzels from other places, and I like Wawa's regular pretzels. This one, however, didn't really taste anything like a pretzel or a pizza. I can't say I'll be getting one of those ever again.

  • Another thing I usually like that disappointed me recently is Sbarro's pizza. I usually like it, but when I had it at the food court a few weeks ago, it seemed overcooked or something. Actually, that kind of seems to be a theme with Center City food in general.

  • The grocery store I went to on Monday carries the kind of pot pies I like. I was much more excited about that than I probably should have been.

  • For some time now, whenever I've brought lunch to work (which is most of the time), I've always had a ham sandwich. I sometimes wonder if I should switch it up, but I guess if I like it, why bother? I'm not a fan of most other deli meats (salami and pastrami are all right, but I don't like them as much as ham), and I grew tired of peanut butter when I was a kid.

  • bethje and I used to go to Friday's all the time, but we hadn't recently. We did go there on Monday, but neither of us felt that we needed to go back anytime soon. Their little shot glass desserts were pretty good, but I know they have those at other restaurants as well.
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