November 14th, 2007


Conversations on and on

It was as foggy as all get-out this morning. So how foggy is all get-out? All I can say is that it's really friggin' foggy.

Okay, here's a poll:

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Which do you consider yourself?

An introvert
An extrovert
A little of both

Which of these do you prefer to talk about?

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This is probably going to be the last poll on this journal. How do you feel about that?

Great! I hate these things!
Lousy! I live for polls!
That dog has a puffy tail!

I'm pretty much a textbook introvert. The last time I took one of those Myers-Briggs things, I answered 100% of the relevant questions on the introverted side. It seems like most people I know are also introverts, yet they say there are a lot more extroverts in the world, which I guess just means I'm drawn more to people of my own type (and vice versa). You'd think that extroverts, who presumably need to converse frequently in able to function properly, would have worked conversation into a finely honed art form, but such does not necessarily seem to be the case. Are the extroverts instead the people who thrive on the dreaded Small Talk? I've been considering this as of late, but I don't know whether it's actually true. I mean, I AM biased in this respect, after all.

Also regarding conversations (and communication in general, I suppose), I've heard that women tend to be more interested in feelings, and men in facts. Guys also seem more eager to show off their knowledge and spout off irrelevant trivia (and I don't exclude myself from this generalization). Is it a way to show off, a desire to be considered relevant and interesting, or both? And is this trait really more common for males than females? I can't say I know, but any comments you have would be welcome.

Personally, I'm sure I find some rather irrelevant things worthy of mention, like the fact that the calendar kiosk at the mall had calendars based on presidential candidates. I saw Hillary Clinton, Obama, Giuliani, and McCain, the last of which kind of surprised me, as I didn't think he was doing so well in the polls as of late. He is pretty recognizable, though. I've heard that Huckabee is polling pretty well, but I'm not sure I could pick him out of a crowd. Romney, on the other hand, is the one that looks like Frankenstein's monster. (Hmmm, Firefox recognizes "Clinton," "McCain," and "Romney," but not the other three candidates I mentioned. Is this some kind of implication as to the candidates that its programmers support?)

Another thing that I feel is worth mentioning is my dream last night (or, more accurately, this morning). I was visiting my grandmother in Virginia for Christmas, and worrying about whether I'd be back home in time for work. At one point, I was doing some temporary volunteer job that involved visiting members of my grandmother's church. I had no idea what I was actually supposed to be doing, but they gave me a key that worked in all of their front doors. Later, I was trying to drive to the mall, and I ended up at an amusement park instead. I also wanted to take a shower, and I discovered that a cat (possibly bethje's Reagan) was in there. I turned on the water to try to scare her off, but she just stood there and drank it.