November 18th, 2007


Can you hear me now?

The other day, I saw someone who looked like he was walking along and talking to himself. Now, this was on a Philadelphia street, and I've seen plenty of people around there who really WERE muttering to themselves. I believe that this particular man, however, was actually talking on one of those headset-type cell phones that make it look like you don't have a cell phone, thus confusing everyone around you. I remember when I worked as a cashier, and it took me a little while to realize that people with such phones weren't talking to me. I'd have to say it's pretty rude to carry on your long-distance conversation while also trying to undergo a transaction with someone standing right in front you, but hey, what else is new?

My paid account expires today, so if you haven't voted in my recent polls and you really want to, you should probably do it now. I have no idea whether it's still possible to vote in an old poll on a no-longer-paid journal. Does anyone know? I'd meant to make another voice post before the expiration, but it might be too late now.
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