November 27th, 2007


May the pasta be with you

The second DVD set of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show is pretty much on par with the first, with very few extras. I read somewhere that Nintendo didn't want to contribute anything, which might have made it a bit difficult to come up with any DVD-exclusive stuff. As it is, there's some concept art, a photo gallery of people dressed up as Mario characters, and a fan's story about meeting Captain Lou Albano at a mall (and, to give you an idea of the attention paid to these extras, the introduction identifies him as "Captian Lou"). All of the cartoons are intact, but four of the live-action segments are missing for some unknown legal reason. Also missing are the crappy covers of popular songs that were played during action sequences. They were replaced with some generic instrumental music, but since these sequences often lack dialogue (so that you can hear the songs, natch), the edited versions are a bit awkward. One advantage that this set does have over Volume 1 is that there's now a chapter stop after the cartoon's theme song, so it can be easily skipped. This is a minor point, but hey, it's still an improvement.

By the way, did you know that there's a Super Mario Wiki? Well, there is.

My printer has been leaving a lot of smudges and streaks as of late. I tried running the cleaning process, but that left it with no ink. That thing eats through ink like Mario through spaghetti. (Sheesh, I HAVE been watching the Super Show too much recently, haven't I?) I don't think it's that it actually uses a lot of ink, but more that the ink cartridges are so small that they have to be replaced constantly. Add in the fact that the tray for printouts somehow broke off, and I think buying a new printer soon would not be a bad idea.
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