November 29th, 2007


How do you choose just one tree when you're in love with the whole woods?

In this entry, I offer my comments on three relatively new albums that I got bethje for her birthday.

1. Erin McKeown, Lafayette

This is a live album, and I'm not generally so keen on those. The performances are good, but not always that different from the studio versions. And for some reason, it includes the fourth recording of "Fast As I Can" to appear on an album. I do quite like the version of "Melody" on there, though. A few of the songs are from We Will Become Like Birds, which I've only listened to once. Maybe I should give that one another chance.

2. Melora Creager, Perplexions

Melora is the lead singer and cellist for Rasputina, and even though this is a solo release, all of the songs here could easily have fit on a Rasputina album. Not surprisingly, they sound especially similar to stuff from the band's latest album, Oh, Perilous World. That's not a bad thing, although as of three listens, I wouldn't say anything here ranks up with Rasputina's best work.

3. Carolyn Mark, Nothing Is Free

If Amazon is correct, this hasn't been officially released in the States. It's a shame that Carolyn isn't better known in this country, especially when you consider that her fellow Corn Sister Neko Case has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years. This isn't my favorite Carolyn Mark album, but I still like it a lot. My favorite songs on it, based on catchiness and getting stuck in my head, are probably "Happy 2B Flying Away," "1 Thing" (which includes a fiddle and clarinet solo), and "Pictures At 5" (the source of the album's title). And no, I don't know why she's channeling Prince on those song titles either.
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