January 1st, 2008


Now we can cross the Shifting Sands

New Year's has been pretty uneventful for me so far. bethje and I went to Atlantic City last night, and were in the car at the stroke of midnight. She had the radio on, and I thought there would be some kind of countdown on there, but there wasn't. Not on the station we had on at the appropriate time, anyway. While in Atlantic City, we mostly just walked on the Boardwalk and ate at Johnny Rockets. I always kind of liked that they have orange soda there, but unfortunately it's Fanta, which is sickeningly sweet and not very orange-flavored. There are much better orange sodas out there. I've heard the Pope likes Fanta, but I'm not so keen on it myself.

I played some of Final Fantasy V last night. I think I'm going to put FF4 aside while I concentrate on that one, since I already know what happens in 4 anyway. Maybe I'll change my mind if I get stuck in 5, though. Recently, I've made it through the Library of the Ancients, and beat the Sandworm in the Shifting Sands. I don't think I've really been using the job system to its full potential, but I did make a few changes to help out in certain battles.

For what it's worth, I don't generally make New Year's resolutions. Since someone did this meme, though, I figured I might as well follow suit.
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And to close with a bit of New Year's trivia, I've seen it suggested a few places (here, for instance) that the reason Father Time is portrayed as Saturn is due to a confusion between Cronus (the Greek name for Saturn, and father of Zeus) and Chronos (the personification of time). Cronus carried a scythe because he was an actual harvest deity, but it later came to be associated with time causing death. Interesting, if true. Of course, since the Saturnalia fell around this time of year, I suppose it's appropriate for Saturn to show up even if he doesn't actually have anything to do with time.

Okay, that's all for now. To everyone reading, happy New Year, happy 2008, and all that rot.