January 2nd, 2008


Don't eat beef, eat deer!

Well, it's January 2nd, and I'm back at work today. And since Mondays and Tuesdays are the days I always have off, I didn't get any extra time off for New Year's. I'm only going to have this job for the rest of the month, though, so I guess it's good I didn't miss any potential hours this week. I always hated it in elementary and high school when they'd make you go back to school on the 2nd. If I remember correctly (and there's a distinct possibility that I don't), when New Year's fell on a Thursday, they'd go ahead and give us the next day off. If it fell on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, though, it was back to school right after the holiday. In college, on the other hand, there always seemed to be more or less an eternity between New Year's and when we got to go back. I mean, I was glad to get a break, but I usually had more fun on campus than at home, so I didn't like having to leave for so long. It was much the same way at the end of the year, when having to leave the dorm so soon after finishing exams meant I was never as relieved at finishing as I really, by all rights, should have been. One thing I always wanted more of back in my college days was time when I could stay there without having to go to classes. I guess my attitude was pretty unusual, though, since about 90% of the people on campus left even on regular weekends. I suppose it was different for people who had friends back in their hometowns, but, well, I didn't.

Okay, so, what else do I have to say? Well, I had New Year's dinner at bethje's, and I tried venison for what might or might not have been the first time ever. I really can't remember. It was pretty similar to beef, but I found it kind of tough, and thought it had a bit of a weird flavor to it. I can't think of much more to say beyond that. I will mention, however, that I hate how, every time I go to the grocery store, I buy a bunch of stuff I hadn't intended to get, and forget something that I had meant to purchase. Oh, well.
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