January 6th, 2008


The Last Day of Christmas and the Last FM

I wasn't quite sure how January 6th could be the twelfth day of Christmas when the first day was, of course, December 25th. It just didn't add up. Apparently, though, the count starts on the EVENING of the 25th. If we adopted that system here in the United States, it would be awfully disappointing to the kids eager to open their presents on the morning of the 25th. Oh, well. Regardless of when the twelfth day officially falls, I want my twelve drummers drumming! Maybe one of them will be David Lovering, and he'll electrify pickles for my amusement. If I get Phil Collins, though, I'll probably return him.

And on the subject of music, here's a meme that I got from revme:

Take your current Top 50 artists from Last.FM, and answer the questions below about them.
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