January 12th, 2008


Nothing New

I had an Oz-related dream last night, which is usually cool for me, but maybe not so much for you people who have to read about them. I'm going to write about it anyway, though, because I thought it was interesting. I was reading The Lost Princess of Oz, and took specific interest in a part that doesn't appear in the real-life book, about a popcorn-themed community with a queen named Aggravania (the name probably inspired by Agravaine from The Once and Future King, which I'm in the process of reading). I forget exactly what it said about her, but there was something about her being from a country north of Oz, and having something to do with the Winged Monkeys. I was wondering why Aggravania didn't make it to Who's Who in Oz. There was also another part in the book where Glinda was using cookie cutters to make silver images of herself to use in fighting Ugu. Later, the dream changed into something about my trying to figure out a complicated lock on a bathroom door, and officials questioning me about someone's military service.

It's been some time since I've written any Oz stories. Part of it is that I'm just not motivated, and I have other things that have been occupying my free time (not least of which being LiveJournal itself). I think I'm also somewhat bothered by the fact that I haven't been getting much if any feedback on my most recent ones. After all, it's not like anyone makes any money from Oz stories nowadays, so getting people to read and comment on them is pretty much the only payment I could get. Maybe I'm just not getting them to the right audience, but I have been posting them to an Oz fiction group, and even my story that made it to Oziana didn't garner that much response.

Sometimes I think I should try some original fiction, but one major problem there is that I don't know that I have that many original ideas. I'm afraid that anything I'd write would end up sounding too much like something else I've read. At least when you're working in someone else's universe, it's SUPPOSED to be somewhat derivative. I've also thought about developing some of the topics I've addressed on my journal into longer essays or something, but even there I don't know that I have much to contribute. It's not like there aren't already plenty of people on the Internet writing about how stupid Jack Chick and Bill O'Reilly are without my adding to their number. Besides, the entries I've written that I find interesting enough to maybe want to expand tend to be the ones that get few if any comments. That doesn't necessarily mean people don't find them interesting, I suppose; but with no indication otherwise, it's what I'm led to assume. It would be nice to be able to write comic essays, since I enjoy reading those, but I think you have to be funny for that.
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