January 14th, 2008


Oscar Gold

So, I watched Bender's Big Score last weekend, and An Inconvenient Truth last night. Since I can't vote for Al Gore, I might as well watch movies that he's in, right? {g} It's also appropriate viewing considering the unseasonable warmth we've been having recently. I mean, that's not necessarily proof of overall climate change, but in light of all the other evidence, it seems like it's at least partially a result of that. Anyway, I thought the film did a good job at presenting its subject matter. I could see critics being bothered by the personal tragedies that Gore mentioned, though. I mean, he did a reasonable job at fitting them in, and I didn't object to them, but if someone were to say, "Hey, those things have nothing to do with global warming and were just in there to elicit sympathy!", they'd have a point. I have no idea whether any critics actually DID object to those parts, though. Most of the criticism I've heard of was more along the lines of, "Grrr, we're Exxon Mobil, and we'd rather attack Al Gore than adjust our business strategy to incorporate more environmentally sound policies!" and "The Earth going to crap is a GOOD thing, because that means Jesus is coming back!" I don't believe in taking Gore's numbers at face value any more than I do anyone else's, but it seems that a fair number of attacks on his findings aren't particularly grounded in science, but rather in the "Why should we listen to you? You're a fat liberal nerd!" way of thinking.

The first new Family Guy episode in a while aired last night, and while it wasn't particularly great, it was far from the worst of the recent ones. Peter's plot shifted focus quite a bit, but that's good in a way, because it means we didn't have to see an entire episode's worth of jokes about his stroke. Stewie becoming the most popular kid in high school was amusing, and different enough from when Peter did the same thing (although they both ended up briefly dating Connie). And the Will Smith joke was really funny.

As for American Dad, was this the first out-of-continuity episode they've done? Really, James Bond parodies are so old hat that the mockeries of the clichés have pretty much become clichés themselves. I've only ever seen one actual Bond film (Goldfinger), but I've seen a lot of spoofs that made a fair number of the same jokes. I still liked the episode, though, primarily due to the over-the-top nature of Roger/Tearjerker's movie. So yeah, not a bad showing for an abbreviated Sunday night animated lineup.

My car is currently at the dealer's for service. I have a feeling it's going to end up costing me a lot of money. What's more, one of my headlights apparently burned out, even though I'd just replaced them both a few months ago. I'm just having them fix it there, even though I'm sure they'll overcharge me. At least I managed to get a ride home, so I don't have to wait there and read magazines for hours. During the brief time I was there, though, I DID learn from Esquire that Elizabeth Kucinich has a pierced tongue. Who knew? Okay, I'm sure a lot of people knew, but I wasn't one of them until today. I also saw a woman dancing with a dachshund on Good Morning America. I'm not sure how she managed to teach the routine to the dog, since dachshunds aren't big on following orders. Ah, people and the demeaning things they make their pets do. I think it's rivaled only by the demeaning things that parents make children do.