January 18th, 2008


Bill of Gripes

The main point of this entry is for me to mention a few minor things that have been bothering me recently:

  • That commercial where the two guys rap about McNuggets
  • The sound those Nextel walkie-talkie things make, and the fact that they JUST KEEP MAKING IT over and over again
  • This one is even more minor than the others, but I'm a little bothered when people say, "Nobody uses [insert type of technology] here anymore, do they?" Apparently, because I don't have a TiVo or DV-R, I'm on the same level as people who churn their own butter.
  • Having to drive in snow and/or heavy rain
  • The fact that the Frank Black Forum has been down for some time now.

And to move on to something that's not entirely annoying, I'm in the process of setting up one of those LibraryThing pages. I say it's not ENTIRELY annoying because it IS a little irritating to try to find the right edition of each book. It's not like it really matters all that much if people think I have, say, a 1994 hardback instead of a 1995 paperback, but I guess I figure I might as well do it correctly if I'm doing it at all. The most sensible answer would be to go by ISBNs, although I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to go through my shelves and jot all those down. A fair number of my Oz books don't even have ISBNs, but they're probably not in the LibraryThing database anyway.
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