January 30th, 2008



John Edwards is dropping out of the presidential race? Man, even with an early primary, I still only get two choices? Or is there someone else on the Democratic side I'm forgetting? I was going to mention in my last entry that Kucinich leaving meant I could vote for Edwards with no qualms, but I forgot, and now that comment no longer applies. I guess that makes Obama the obvious choice, even though I really don't know if he can win the general election. I guess you have to live in New Hampshire to really get much say in the primaries, but I doubt that's worth all the snow.

I changed my journal's colors to one of the default styles (choosing my own colors usually results in something practically unreadable), but I'm sure that doesn't matter to anyone, since you all read my entries on your own friends pages (assuming you read them at all). LiveJournal really wants me to switch over to Style 2, but I used that for a while, and didn't like the friends page display as much as Style 1's. I guess I could always manually alter the display, but I'm too lazy. {g} It might be nice to be able to put links on my entry displays, but I'm not even sure that's possible without a paid account, and does anyone really ever look at such links anyway?

And while I'm on the subject of confusing websites, am I the only person who finds Facebook to be such? Every time I log in, there's all this stuff about new applications, many of which sound kind of cool. Really, though, I'd be more likely to check them out if there weren't so many at once, you know? Still, I kind of think that the fact it IS confusing makes it better than MySpace, since at least there's generally something to play around with. Really, I think MySpace has developed to be more of an advertising site than a social one.

In other news (not that that last thing was really news), I went out to eat at 99 with bethje and Dorothea last night. I think it was only the third time I'd been there, and the second that I actually got dinner. They have a build-your-own-pasta special for $8.99, so I had linguine, Italian sausage, marinara sauce, and mushrooms. I thought it was really good, as was the bread they served with it. Maybe I'll have to go back there again after 4 on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

I have to put my clean clothes away at some point. I hate putting clothes away, but I guess it's necessary.