February 1st, 2008


No Fatties

I saw a link to this on a journal I came across randomly. In essence, some representative in Mississippi actually wants the state to be allowed to ban fat people from eating at restaurants. It sounds ridiculous, but it looks legitimate. The law doesn't appear to specify how the government will determine who's obese, but apparently it has something to do with Body Mass Index, which figures. The media are constantly yakking about BMI, even though, from what I've heard, there really isn't much, if any, of an actual medical basis for it. They might as well talk about balancing the four humors, the main difference being that that actually WAS accepted medical science at one point. This guy isn't doing much to combat the negative stereotypes that people have of Mississippi (nor, for that matter, is the fact that they use Comic Sans on their State Legislature's website). I mean, what's next? A law forcing ugly people ("ugly" obviously being defined by the state) to wear bags over their heads?

Another ridiculous thing (hey, if Bill O'Reilly no longer does the Most Ridiculous Item of the Day, SOMEONE has to, right? :P) I've been thinking of as of late is how some people are so eager to buy into rivalries. Like, while reading the IMDB boards for The Golden Compass and the upcoming Prince Caspian, there were comments from people who seemed to think they couldn't like both, presumably at least partially because Philip Pullman has expressed his distaste for the Chronicles of Narnia. So what, fans of his books have to go along with his opinions on everything? I've also seen some similar remarks about The Simpsons and Family Guy. Then there are the brand-name rivalries, like Coke vs. Pepsi, Mac vs. PC, and Nintendo vs. Sega. (I'm showing my age on that last one, since Sega now develops games for Nintendo.) I mean, I do have my own opinions on which are better, but I'm not sure why that should lead to my hating the competition. Sometimes the one I like less will still come out with a superior product on occasion. I don't drink cola, but I prefer Sprite to Sierra Mist, and Orange Slice to Fanta Orange. For that matter, sometimes these rivalries aren't even real; I understand that the Beatles and the Rolling Stones actually got on pretty well, for instance. So, um...I'm not really sure I have a point here, but it's something I thought I should address.
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