February 21st, 2008


The Moon began searching for a light of its own

So, how about that lunar eclipse last night? That was pretty weird, huh? I saw a little bit of it before going to bed. I sometimes wish I were more into astronomy. As a kid, I had several books about stars, but the only constellations I could ever locate were the Big Dipper, Orion, and Leo.

In Final Fantasy V, I've reached the Guardian Tree in the Forest of Moore, but those crystal things inside of it kicked my party's ass. I'll try again at some point. I do have to say that the Samurai ability Zeninage (coin toss) is one of the most effective attacks to use in boss fights. Who would have known that currency could be so deadly?

For the time being, however, I've been taking a break from FF5 and trying out Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. Really, I'm just as bad at concentrating on one thing at a time with video games as I am with anything else. The DQM series is sort of a rip-off of the Pokémon franchise, but uses monster classes and terminology from the Dragon Quest games (which probably goes without saying, really). I played the first DQM game (released as Dragon Warrior Monsters in the States), and beat the main game, but not the fight with the Master Monster Tamer. That guy is the master for a reason. Anyway, DQM:J is largely the same in game play, but recruiting monsters is different. While Pokémon has you trap monsters in Pokéballs and the original DQM just has them join up randomly after battles, Joker makes your current monsters display a show of force to impress a new one you're attempting to recruit. Also, Joker has monster synthesis instead of monster breeding, which really makes more sense, as I don't think that, say, a dragon and golem would actually be able to breed in the way we generally think of the term. I haven't done any synthesizing or fought in any tournaments yet, though. I'm still learning the basics of the game, and seeking out Darkonium crystals.

Also, I went to the grocery store today and forgot to get any spreadable butter/margarine/soybean-based spreading product/what-have-you (I honestly don't have that much of a preference, as long as it spreads easily). I really don't use it much anyway, but it was one of the main things I had meant to get. Isn't that always the way?
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