February 27th, 2008


Nathan in Videoland

lozenger8 made a post about her favorite music videos, and I wanted to follow suit. The truth is, I haven't really seen that many videos. I grew up in the time period when MTV actually showed videos, but I didn't have cable. So most of the ones I have seen have been on video collections, which I'll generally only get for musicians I really like. Hence, my field is pretty narrow, but that doesn't mean I haven't seen some really cool videos. A few of these are actually ones I just saw recently while doing YouTube searches, so I don't know that they'll go down as All-Time Favorites for me, but they're favorites at the time I'm making this post. I'm not sure how to embed videos, and while I could probably figure it out, I think I'll just link to them. Besides, that way, you can read the comments about how the Ditty Bops are an abomination unto the Lord because they're gay, and how Andy Partridge kept Colin Moulding from achieving his true potential. (Actually, that latter comment isn't for the XTC video I'm including in my favorites, but for the rather bizarre "Making Plans For Nigel" one.)

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