March 19th, 2008


Then somebody spoke and I went into a dream

So, I guess what I said last week about the American Idol contestants not picking songs from a lot of Beatles albums (although I think I mistakenly identified Rubber Soul as one of them, when one of them actually did sing "In My Life") was partially remedied this time. Included was a really sloppy version of "A Day In The Life." That's just not the kind of song you can condense into a minute and a half (or however long it is they have), especially if you're going to sing the verses out of order. I did like some of the performances, though, including Brooke's "Here Comes The Sun" (the judges might disagree, but I thought it was much better than her "Let It Be" last week) and David Cook's "Day Tripper" (although I could have done without the Peter Frampton bit in the solo). And is Chikezie going to turn every song into a country number part of the way through? I kind of like it, actually. But then, I'm rarely the sort to object to a gimmick, as long as it works.

I guess it's a sign of the Easter season that I had a dream about having to gather eggs from bunnies. No, none of them were Cadbury eggs, but there were some plastic ones, which I figured must have been left under the rabbits by some joker. I think there might have also been some other egg-laying mammals involved, but not a platypus or an echidna among them. They got really mad at me for taking their eggs, and one animal that I identified in the dream as a mouse but was closer to the size of a rat attacked my legs. It was pretty frightening, and I think I actually felt some of the pain, which is rare for my dreams. About the only other time I can recall that happening is the dream from several years ago in which I was bitten by a miniature camel. I have issues with oddly-sized mammals, apparently.

I've also been having a few dreams related to Disney World. That same night, there was one in which I was going back home from Florida, but had forgotten my suitcase. In another part of the dream, bethje and I were riding the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway, and I noticed that my dad and his wife were in line for it. Last night's dream had Beth and me trying to go back to Disney World very briefly. We managed to get on the plane without a ticket (which really worried me, because I was afraid they'd kick us off), but everybody had to leave it before it took off anyway. Then it turned into some kind of virtual reality ride that involved time travel.