March 20th, 2008


When I draw, you lose

I'm not an artistic person. I occasionally see other people mention how they enjoyed art class, but for me, it was pretty close to being right down there with gym. I could talk about how the art teachers were generally intent on everyone copying what they did, hence stifling the creativity that's supposed to be the backbone of art, and this would be true. But in my own case, I wasn't some kind of secret artistic genius being put down by the forces of conformity. Quite frankly, I sucked, and probably still do. I couldn't draw a straight line even WITH a ruler. If you asked me to cut out a circle, it would probably end up looking more like a triangle. I always used way too much glue. You could say that art is subjective, and this is definitely true to a certain extent. You could make a valid argument about how Picasso was an amazing artist, or how your three-year-old draws better than he could, and no one could say you were wrong. It's not like trying to argue that two plus two can sometimes equal five. But I think there's a certain level of basic skill that a person needs to be artistically successful, and I didn't have it.

I also hated doing projects that involved making things. Writing reports was annoying (especially because I usually put them off until the last minute), but I could generally pull through and get a good grade. Making dioramas and models of the solar system, on the other hand, was never my thing. What usually happened was that my mom would do most of the actual assembly, which I understand is quite common. I think the school system is trying to get revenge on parents for getting THEIR parents to do their work. Personally, I plan to cheat the system by not having kids. {g} But I think there were some kids who actually LIKED making these things, and would always opt for them over written reports. It seems weird to me, but that's just the divide between the artistic and non-artistic, I suppose.

Anyway, with that in mind, here are some old things that I dug up, from various parts of my childhood.

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I really don't even try to draw or do anything else artistic anymore. I kind of wish I could draw passably, but I don't feel like putting forth the effort, you know?

Oh, by the way, does anyone have any ideas of good songs for a spring mix? I've already done ones for summer and winter, and I might as well continue with the theme. Fall is probably going to be the hardest one, but I don't think I'll worry about that one for a few more months.
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