April 5th, 2008


Invasion of the Sim Baby Snatchers

1. I bought some fruit cups to bring with my lunch, but I forgot to check what kind of syrup they had. I must have bought the ones with the heavy syrup instead of the light, since the one I had today was incredibly sweet. I'm not totally sure why anyone finds it necessary to add sugar to fruit. Seems like overkill to me.

2. In playing The Sims 2 yesterday, I had a Sim kid taken away by a social worker after being left home alone. I think there must have been a bug in the game, because the family had already hired a nanny, and she really should have shown up before the rest of the family went to work. Those Sim social workers are pesky busybodies. Not that I think it's good to leave a kid home alone in real life, but I don't think they'd be taken into custody immediately. In the original Sims, social workers only took babies who weren't being cared for. They were even able to take a baby that was closed in a room without a door, which makes me wonder if they were actually some kind of baby-snatching fairies.

3. I need to get a new ID badge for work, but since the photo center isn't open on weekends, I'll need to come back at some point during the week. That's pretty annoying.

4. The Oz books aren't that popular in this day and age, but it seems that every fan of the series eventually writes their own addition to it. I don't mind, as it means a lot of reading material for me, but I have to wonder whether anyone outside the small circle of hardcore fans ever reads any of the new ones. Anyway, I found the newest one that I read, Dennis Anfuso's The Astonishing Tale of the Gump of Oz, to be well-plotted, with the loose ends tied up neatly at the end. There were also appearances by some seldom-used Oz characters, including the Wise Donkey, Chiss, and Dyna's Blue Bear Rug.

5. Reading new Oz material makes me think I should get back to work on my own Oz stories, but I'm pretty sure I won't feel that way on the next occasion when I have free time and a computer.

6. Happy birthday to shadarko!