April 17th, 2008


I was alone, I killed my clone, I learned to play the xylophone

Hey, it's time for another one of my frequently written and probably rarely read music reviews! Svn Fngrs is the latest EP (or "mini-album," as I've seen it called) from Black Francis, whom I still prefer to call Frank Black. I found the album that he released under the Black Francis name, Bluefinger, to be somewhat disappointing, so I didn't have incredibly high hopes for the EP. I must say, however, that I quite like it. Collapse )

And speaking of new music, I put in a pre-order for the new Dresden Dolls album, which will be out in May. I'm usually not too keen on pre-orders, since it generally means getting it after the release date. But hey, I'm supposed to get an autographed CD booklet and a chance to win in some contest. So that's cool, right?
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    Black Francis: When They Come To Murder Me
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