April 19th, 2008


The Kids are all right

Yesterday, bethje and I went up to New York City to see a Kids in the Hall show. She's actually still up there and seeing two shows tonight, but I had to work today. Honestly, I'm not all that keen on seeing the same basic show multiple times anyway; it's a way in which Beth and I differ. We'll both be seeing the upcoming show in Glenside, though.

I have to admit that I'm not really that familiar with KITH, although it seems like pretty much everyone I know online is a fan. I do like sketch comedy (I got into Monty Python in high school, and Beth got me interested in Mr. Show), but I didn't have cable growing up, and probably never would have heard of the show even if I had. I did watch Brain Candy at the student union when I was in college, and caught the occasional rerun, but it didn't totally click with me. Beth has recently been showing me the episodes in order on DVD, and while we've only gotten through part of the first season so far, I do find it funny. I think the fact that there are a lot of recurring characters makes it difficult to start watching with any random episode. And I enjoyed the live show more than I thought I would (and it's not like I thought I would dislike it). It kept me laughing throughout pretty much the whole thing. Afterwards, both Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald signed Beth's program, and I got to shake Scott's hand, which was cool.

Also while in Manhattan, we stopped at Books of Wonder, as I generally like to do when I'm up there. They really don't have all that much Oz stuff that I don't either already own or don't particularly want. I've only read one book by Roger Baum and nothing by Donald Abbott, both of whom are pretty well-represented at the store, but the reviews I've seen of their work have been largely negative. I ended up buying a copy of Gilbert Sprague's The Nome King's Shadow in Oz, a hardcover edition of Ruth Plumly Thompson's The Royal Book of Oz, and a Tik-Tok of Oz mug. I think they actually made these mugs for a lot of different books, but only the Tik-Tok and Merry Go Round in Oz ones appeared to be in stock.

Also, I might as well do this Friday Five that I took from slfcllednowhere:
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